Marine Partners - Monaco

Crew management is a human-centric venture. We treat our crew as well as we treat their owners, acting like a bridge between the parties and providing the following services and undertaking the responsibilities:

  • Recruitment: Coordination of the recruitment needs through a pro active      communication with the client, selection of the skilled seafarers of different nationalities screened through tests and interviews.
  • Seafarer Database: Strong database to ensure to meet regular as well as emergency manning requirements (in the case of takeovers) on vessels with ease without compromising on the crew quality.
  • Building a crewing pool: Definition of the recruitment selection criteria according to the clients’ policy and budget concerns. Capacity of building up teams of seafarers dedicated to a particular company flag and to staff the crew roster with reliable, time-tested people who understand the owners’ business priorities.
  • Crew training we ensure a well trained crew for the vessel they are being sent on, trough our own training centres.
  • Wages management we offer a precise payroll management services. And career management and guidance.

A group of people who share a common goal can achieve the impossible